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Sanctuary on The Sci Fi Channel

Sanctuary is an odd show, even for the Sci Fi Channel. We have a Harry Potter look alike, who does not have an English accent and Samantha Carter from Stargate, who does have an English accent. Also from Stargate-the Atlantis

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Battlestar Galactica-The Last Season

For fans of the old show, the new show was always a bit jarring and there were too many changes. But fans of the new show love it-well, except for all that crap left over from the old show. So

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Stargate-The Ark of Truth

I’d heard rumors of a Stargate movie being made for some time, with the usual debate being will it be a Stargate Tv Show movie, or a sequel to the Movie. The Ark of Truth was never meant to be

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Tin Man-Sci Fi Channel’s Twisted Oz

Spoilers within. The Sci Fi Channel takes its role as the main provider of offbeat and oddball science fiction pretty seriously. They like to take a story we all know and love, and give it a little shift into another

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Odyssey 5 A Good Sci Fi Show

We saw the Earth destroyed, and in a heartbeat everything and everyone we knew was gone. –opening voice over for Odyssey 5 Odyssey 5 was one of those Sci Fi shows that popped up on Showtime in 2002 and was

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