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Prison Break with a woman.  was a great one season show about a guy who had his entire body covered with tattoos. These would help him break his brother out of prison.  It was a prefect gimmick for one season.

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The End of Falling Skies

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. spoilers I was never a huge fan of Falling Skies. The special effects were often terrible, the stories were often hokey and silly, the acting was often a bit over the top. Falling

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Star Trek Renegades

Fan Fiction and Kickstarter, a wicked combination. Star Trek Renegades is a collection of older actors and very bad special effects. The big name stars here are Walter Koenig and Tim Russ, both familiar to fans of Star Trek. Sean

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It’s a popular myth that people only use ten percent of their brain’s potential. This would make evolution look pretty bad. A big brain that never reaches its full capacity. Of course, the brain does more than remember the random

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Ice Ice Zombies Ice . In classic, post apocalypse style we open up with a group of people crowded together. Random people on buses heading for parts unknown. Then something happens. All but a tiny handful are eaten by zombies.

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Minority Report

It’s been awhile since I read ‘s story or watched ‘s movie, but I do recall liking them both. It seems to me that the book was set in a slightly richer world. While PreCrime was kind of an experiment

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When once isn’t enough. tells the tale of a rich man who is dying. Someone slips him a business card with a note that says they can help you. He decides to take a chance and call them. He finds

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A Robot With a Heart. Spoilers is set in the distance future of 2016, where autonomous humanoid robots have replaced flesh and blood law enforcement. Our hero is severely injured while doing his job and becomes part of an experiment.

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Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys

I recently caught s on Showtime and watched it for the first time in many years. In 1995 Terry Gillian made one of his better trademark weird and brilliant films.  12 Monkeys tells the story of a man forced to

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Terminator Genisys

More Terminator on Terminator Action Spoilers and Such I love .  It’s a damn near perfect film that did a pretty good job of tying up its loose ends.  But not so good a job that it didn’t end up with

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