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Red Dwarf: Return to Earth

Red Dwarf has been resurrected by digital channel Dave for a two-part Easter weekend special, which sees the Crew finally return to Earth. Written by Red Dwarf creator Doug Nylor, Red Dwarf:Return to Earth reunited the four main characters. Red

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Fringe-JJ Abrams Does The X-Files

In the good old days, if you made a TV Show like Fox’s Fringe and wanted to get some buzz about it, you would arrange for people from TV Guide to see the show. Maybe JJ Abrams and Fox would

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LOST-It’s all about the Benjamin

LOST continues to be a griping and very interesting show. The plot lines continue to intrigue and baffle, the good buys and the bad guys continue to evolve, the time/space continuum continues to be in flux. LOST seems to be

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Torchwood End of Season Two

The second season of Torchwood got away from that whole obsessed with shagging everything in sight feel that the first season of Torchwood had. But they replaced it with a heavy dose of downers, death, and despair. A few spoilers

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Odyssey 5 A Good Sci Fi Show

We saw the Earth destroyed, and in a heartbeat everything and everyone we knew was gone. –opening voice over for Odyssey 5 Odyssey 5 was one of those Sci Fi shows that popped up on Showtime in 2002 and was

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NBC’s Journeyman Time Travel in Frisco

I like Sci Fi, and to a lessor degree I like SF or Science Fiction. What is Science Fiction? Is NBC’s Journeyman science fiction? Science Fiction is a story where Science plays a major role in the story and there

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ABC’s Masters of Science Fiction #4 The Discarded

In the last of the four episodes airing, out of the six that ABC has of Masters of Science Fiction, we find a group of mutants living on a space ship and slowly going mad. Brain Dennehy stars as a

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ABC’s Masters of Science Fiction-well, maybe not Masters

What is Science Fiction? It is taking something in the present and thinking about what the future will look like if things keep going the way they are. Science Fiction writing must also contain a strong element of real science,

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