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Dexter-End of Season 3

spoilers within Dexter Morgan, the lovable serial killer, never seems to get a break. Even though he is getting married, having a baby, and finding new friends-he still has to deal with that pesky mass murder aspect of his personality.

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Showtime’s Dexter Season 3

Spoilers within The opening of season 3 of Dexter had to have at least one shock, and it does. But after two seasons of Serial Killers to the Max, the storyline is a bit more normal. Of course, it is

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The Tudors-2 Down, 4 To Go

Henry VIII has come into his own-he is a cold, ruthless tyrant willing to torture and murder to get his way. Other than that, he’s still a nice guy. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Henry VIII as a still slightly mixed

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Showtime’s The Tudors-No More Mr Nice Guy

Henry VIII was not a nice fellow. Despite the fact that he wrote the song Greensleeves and seemed to be very found good food, he had this nasty habit of killing off people. In the second season of Showtime’s The

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Odyssey 5 A Good Sci Fi Show

We saw the Earth destroyed, and in a heartbeat everything and everyone we knew was gone. –opening voice over for Odyssey 5 Odyssey 5 was one of those Sci Fi shows that popped up on Showtime in 2002 and was

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Dexter Season 2-Dexter Loses His Mojo

Showtime’s Dexter is the story of a serial killer who is a vigilante that follows a Code of Harry-his adopted father. Dexter exercises his demons and kills someone by slicing and dicing them, but only if they are bad men.

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Showtime’s Meadowlands

Showtime’s Meadowlands was a bit of surprise for a number of reasons, the first being that it is a British show. This means there are a few bits of lingo that are kind of hard to understand. At one point

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A Few More Tudor Thoughts

The last episode of the first season starts out with Henry hunched over a servant and making loud groaning noises. It is a common theme in the show that the King has a couple of servants standing around at all

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Showtime’s The Tudors

This is a very pretty show to watch. The costumes all look brand new and the actors are all scrubbed and beautiful beyond words. I know they are all supposed to be royalty and high members of the Catholic Church,

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