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Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek:Enterprsie was my least favorite of the new Star Trek Series. It was easily the least Star Trek like, and a logical next step in The Antichrist Rick Berman’s quest to destroy the Star Trek Brand and remake it

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It’s Worse Than That, She’s Dead, Jim

Majel Barrett Roddenberry died of leukemia on Thursday at her home in Los Angeles. Majel Barrett Roddenberry was a vital part of the vast Star Trek Empire with roles in the many Star Treks spin offs. She recently finished doing

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JJ Abrams Star Trek Trailer 2

I’m glad to see the Old Uniforms, but a bit surprised to see the New Ships in JJ Abrams Star Trek. I guess he wants just a touch of that Original Star Trek feel and not all of those clunky

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Star Trek Auction Dec 13-14 2007

The Profiles In History Hollywood Memorabilia Auction is not all Star Trek, but it does have 33 items listed on it’s eBay live auction page. These are the usual odds and ends that find their way to the block, including

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Alien Voices-The Invisible Man

Alien Voices is a group of former Star Trek actors still trying to pump some money out of the fast drying Star Trek well. For the most part, I have no problem with that. If I had been smart enough

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