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Joongel The Mother of All Time Sinks

A timesink is a term used to describe activities that consume a lot of time. A variant of this term is “time drain.”-Wikipedia Ok, I have used Popurls and I really like how everything is on one page, but the

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Plurk-We All Need One More Time Sink

Ok, I’m not a user of Twitter, so finding Plurk-a Twitter clone by all accounts, I am mainly baffled by it. Not that I find that a bad thing. After using it for a couple of days it most closely

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Time Sinks

Timesink-a term used to describe activities that consume a lot of time. Wikipedia Before the age of Red Bull and Quad processors, people would sit around and read a book, or maybe talk to another human beings, for, oh, more

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Crossword Puzzles

I have recently found that I kind of like crossword puzzles. I never used to like these things, as they never made much sense to me. But now that I am older and the storehouse of my working vocabulary is

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The Mild Obsession

You start a blog and jot down your thoughts. You tell the world what you had for lunch, accompanied by a nifty little photo of the food-filled plate sitting on a white tablecloth. You talk about how it sucks to

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