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World’s Tallest Totem Pole-Oklahoma

I have seen many wonders and marvels as I have traveled the country, among them The World’s Largest Lighthouse-collectibles store, The World’s Largest Chair-there are several of these, and the Giant Ball of String, not to be confused with the

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Oklahoma City Memorial

My trip to the Oklahoma City Memorial is surrounded by twenty minutes of driving around in circles trying to find someplace to park. Parking, it seems, was not even considered when it came to the design of the Oklahoma City

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In the past ten years or so I have done a bit of travel and stayed in my share of hotels. Some have been Choice Hotels, and some have been hotels that have seen there better days. Since I was

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The Travel Channel Academy

The Travel Channel Academy, from what I have seen on the commercials, is a school where you go to learn the ins and outs of making travel shows. The tag line is Learn, Shoot, Earn-implying that this is the pathway

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Let’s have a Mojito in Dubai

You get a new red car and suddenly you notice that there are a lot of red cars. And not just any red car, but red cars like the one you just bought. So many red cars like the one

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Travel To and Travel From

I’ve done a bit of traveling over the past few years and have plans to do a good deal more. Travel, for most people, is easier to remember than the normal day to day life. It has a beginning, and

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It’s not the destination. . .

For the last ten years or so I have been traveling around Texas, and a good deal of the rest of the country. But mainly Texas. As with anything familiar, it has lost much of its interest for me. It

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