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Fleabag reminded me a bit of GIRLS, in that it calls itself a comedy, but it isn’t exactly funny. Fleabag is the story of a woman on the downswing. She has her own business, but that business has seen better

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Stranger Things

For those of you who lost your VHS tapes of ET, House, Poltergeist, Videodrome, and pretty much every horror movie made in the 1980s, this TV Show is for you. The Duffer Brothers-a name that makes me think of Homer

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The Night Manager

John le Carré’s most famous book has to be The Spy Who Came in  from the Cold. In this adaptation of The Night Manager, the Spy spends a bit of time where it’s nice and hot. The Middle East. Our

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The Path

What if a cult was a gated community you might actually want to join? Hulu’s The Path tells the story of a group of people living out the Vision of their founder. They don’t like being called a cult, they

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Horace and Pete

Horace and Pete is an American web series created by, written by and directed by Louis C.K. Less a TV Show and more a filmed stage play. Or something like a stage play. The sets are large open areas and the

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Hulu’s 11.22.63

Spoilers. It’s always a bittersweet experience when a beloved book is translated into a film, or in this case, a miniseries. Stephen King’s 11.22.63 was a very long book with a lot of small details. So it is not really

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When everyone is evil, who cares who wins? Showtime’s Billions stars Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis as powerful men who have no reason to fear anyone-well, maybe no reason to fear any man. Paul plays U.S. District Attorney Chuck Rhoades,

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Knife Fight on Esquire

Esquire is a Network I found while channel surfing in a motel one time. I ran across this show where Chefs cook meals using Mystery Ingredients. The prize, as Chef Ilan Hall of The Gorbals restaurant reminds us in the

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The Leftovers

Leftovers-The Great Disappointment. Leftovers seems to be inspired by the Millerites. In 1844 a cult lead by Baptist Minister William Miller decided that Jesus Christ, the greatest teaser and denier of all time, would be returning to earth to kill

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The Muppets- well, sort of

Not you father’s Muppets-well, not MY muppets. I think the most cringe worthy moment in this first show filled to the gills with cringe worthy moments was when Kermit’s new pig Denise is shown bobbing her head while she sucks

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