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The Hollywood Reporter Top 100 TV Shows

Best TV Shows Ever? Eh. The Hollywood Report put out a list of Hollywood’s 100 Favorite TV Shows, based on the votes of industry insiders. They had a similar list last year of the Top 100 Movies. Best TV Shows

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The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Anyone remember the Chevy Chase Show? That’s what I kept flashing back to while watching Stephen Colbert channel a sleazy used car salesman as his new TV persona. That first episode of The Chevy Chase Show was packed with fans

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Mr Robot and the New World Order

A couple of years ago the Stock Market crashed. The Big Boys of the banking world, Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, etc were all trading for around a quarter a share. The reason for this was they were, and mostly

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Star Trek Continues

Boldly Going, More or Less Fans of have never really been happy with the newer editions of Star Trek. We all have these fantasies where NBC doesn’t cancel Star Trek and we get another season or two of the Original

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Prison Break with a woman.  was a great one season show about a guy who had his entire body covered with tattoos. These would help him break his brother out of prison.  It was a prefect gimmick for one season.

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The End of Falling Skies

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. spoilers I was never a huge fan of Falling Skies. The special effects were often terrible, the stories were often hokey and silly, the acting was often a bit over the top. Falling

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Salvage City

One of the fun things about living in hotel rooms is that you get to see all kinds of random crap on TV. King of the oddball show is The Discovery Channel. There are all kinds of goofy shows here from

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Minority Report

It’s been awhile since I read ‘s story or watched ‘s movie, but I do recall liking them both. It seems to me that the book was set in a slightly richer world. While PreCrime was kind of an experiment

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Ash, do you know our friend Violet? is a BritCom about an older gay couple and the small circle of friends that always seem to be dropping by unannounced. Freddie and Stuart are old school snobs who talk down to

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Masters of Sex Season 3

  spoilers. It makes a certain amount of sense that the poster for season three hints at a happy polyamorous threesome. And as this season opens up, it does seem that Old Doc Master’s long suffering wife has come to

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