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Atari:Game Over

I bought my first computer in 1982 for $1500. It was an Atari 400. Like countless others at the time, I would have bought just about anything with an Atari logo on it. So it was a bit of a

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True Detective Season 2

I Need A Hero I really liked the first season of True Detective.  It was a wild and magical story with a lot of mumbo jumbo and talk about Time being a Flat Circle.  It was also pretty clear who

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Humans-Androids Are Slaves

Another Science Fiction Show where machines with souls are bad. Humans is a British Channel 4 science fiction show picked up by AMC. The big American star in the cast is William Hurt. He plays a grumpy old man who

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Defiance Season 3

The Syfy Channel’s post alien invasion/post apocalyptic tale of a city that used to be known as St. Louis. The first season was basically a Western, with the town getting a new Marshall and fighting off the Indians, only the

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Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

The novel had one of the worst covers I’ve ever seen on a professionally published book. It’s solid black with the title in white text. I suppose they could have gone that extra step and had the title in black

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Teen Titans GO!

In 1980 George Perez rebooted an old DC title called New Teen Titans. This was one of my favorite comic books. Great story arcs, amazing artwork, and all kinds of cool stuff happening each and every issue. These were often stories

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Mr Robot

The story of an insane man who happens to be a world class computer genius. He hacks in his spare time and works as a cubicle drone during the day. One day a mysterious man approaches him and talks to

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Person of Interest:Samaritan, Good?

I wasn’t too impressed with this show when it first started. The story of a minor league Skynet and the man who created it/her/him/whatever. But over the past few episdoes it has changed into something a bit more interesting. The

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Game of Thrones Season 5

There is a certain morbid pleasure that comes from watching a show where you know that any of the characters could, at any moment, die a horrible death. Death is the defining aspect of Game of Thrones. Violent death, well,

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American Crime

“American Crime” stars Richard Cabral as Hector Tonz, Elvis Nolasco as Carter, Caitlin Gerard as Aubry, Johnny Ortiz as Tony Gutierrez, Benito Martinez as Alonzo Gutierrez, Timothy Hutton as Russ, Felicity Huffman as Barb, W. Earl Brown as Tom and

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