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Macy’s Closing Stores

While the decision to close stores is difficult, it is necessary that we do so selectively in locations with declining sales and where we have been unable to identify sufficient growth opportunities.-Terry J. Lundgren, Macy’s Chief Executive Macy’s was never

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Blogvertise-the lure of easy money

Having found a few articles about blogging for dollars, I ran across Blogvertise, which says it will pay you to blog about stuff. Cool, I like blogging and I like getting paid. Seems I am not the only one. A

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I love that New Job Smell

But I not getting a new job just yet. As always I am hoping that I will leave the regular rat race and become a self-employed rat, or a business owner rat, or something like that. In the mean time,

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It’s so just a job

I don’t know what I expected, but the new job, new as in less than a year old, is much like all my other jobs. I am good at the job, not that taking portraits is exactly rocket science, but

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