Dallas Cowboys Send 11 Players to Pro Bowl

It’s been dark and gloomy the past couple of weeks for the 12-2 Dallas Cowboys, but the sun came out for a little while on the announcement that 11 Dallas Cowboys made the cut for the Pro Bowl this year. That ties a team record.

Of course, The Pro Bowl doesn’t mean much, just a trip to Hawaii and one last game to play before they put away the pads for another season. But it is still something to brag about.

Roger Staubach was in 6 Pro Bowls. Troy Aikman was in 6 Pro Bowls. Tony Dorsett was in 4 Pro Bowls. Emmitt Smith was in 8 Pro Bowls. Terrell Owen has been selected for 6 Pro Bowls. Tony Romo has been selected both times he has had a chance to be selected. So what does all this mean? We have had some good football players over the years and have a pretty good crew here now.

Do we have Big Bill to thank for that? For the most part, yes. So why couldn’t he get the job done when he was here? I think Bill Parcels would have made a great General Manager for the Dallas Cowboys, but that job will always belong to I’m-In-Charge Owner Jerry Jones. I think Big Bill just wasn’t up for the constant turmoil of coaching in Dallas. At some point you just say enough is enough.

So we can all be happy about the Pro Bowl Selections and shake our heads to clear away the images of the loss to the Eagles and the near loss to the Lions. We are all Superbowl or Bust here when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. We have seen these Dallas Cowboys lay down and die in December before. So we’ll forget about the actual games for a few minutes and be proud of the Eleven Dallas Cowboys going to the Pro Bowl this year.

Player Pos. Selections
Terrell Owens WR 6
Jason Witten TE 4
Flozell Adams LT 4
Andre Gurode C 2
DeMarcus Ware LB 2
Leonard Davis RG 1
Nick Folk K 1
Player Pos. Selections
Tony Romo QB 2
Marion Barber RB 1
Ken Hamlin S 1
Terence Newman CB 1

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