deadpool Damn-That Was Good.

A lot of hard hitting movies from the past have been remade for pussies. RoboCop, Total Recall, the last few Terminator movies all had the heart and soul ripped out of them to make them kinder and gentler films. Deadpool pulls no punches and soaks the screen in blood and gore and f-bombs. And it was fucking brilliant.

I have to believe that the Heroes who wrote Deadpool are huge fans of Honest Trailers and Everything Wrong With. The opening credits were absolutely amazing, giving credit to Hot Chicks and Asshats as it gave us a tour of a stop frame of several acts of hyper violence.

One of the running gags that works well is Ryan-yes, he played Green Lantern-Reynolds making fun of Green Lantern and Ryan Reynolds. There are countless little gags and inside jokes. Such as an action figure of the Deadpool that was killed by Wolverine and Deadpool later muttering under his breath about mixed up Timelines.

There is a lot of blood splatter as heads, arms, and legs are severed, bodies are crushed, brains are blown out, and all manner of unpleasant things happen. There is also a bit of full frontal female nudity and a few shots of Ryan’s pre-Deadpool ripped and chiseled body. There is a bit of talk about sex and a surprising bit of unicorn masturbation.

The story itself is the kind of revenge plot that The Reveant could have used. In the Revenant, the bad guy was trying to save his own life, in Deadpool the bad guy is just a dick. Our hero has all kinds of bad things happen to him and he knows just who to blame and how to find him. He murders countless others along the way, both bad guys and random drivers and workers and such. As he likes to remind us by doing a nice House of Cards camera stare, he isn’t a hero.

Some of the best bits are with Colossus and a little Goth girl I never heard of before-Negasonic Teenage Warhead-who Deadpool proclaims has the best Superhero name EVER!

I loved Deadpool. It lacked all the pomp and pretension of the X-Men and Batman films that think they are Art or something. Deadpool was fun! Moral issues and end of the world be damned.

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