Despicable Me

The local second run movie theater charges $1.25 so you can see a movie already avaible on DVD, but most of the time, these are not movies you want to own anyway.  So recently, the Dollar Theater has upgraded one of it’s screens to 3D and is charging another $2 for 3D films.  This is not too bad a deal, though the theater itself is still way on the run down side and it isn’t stadium seating.  But hey, what do you want for $1.25?


Despicable Me is the story of a Super Villian named Gru trying to keep his spot in the limelight, achieve his lifelong goal of going to the moon, and finially make his evil mother proud of him.  The best part of Desicable Me is Steve Carell’s Boris Badenov accent.   Russel Brand and Julia Andrews also put in great proformances, Brand as Gru’s mad scientist helper and Andrews as he heartless mother.  The endless hord of little yellow minions offer lots of laughs-even though it is never explained where Gru found this army or why some have one eye and others have two.

One of the uber villians standing in Gru’s way is a banker who bears an uncanny reselemnce to the Pointy Haired Boss in Dibert, albeit a bulked up Pointy Haired Boss.  Gru needs money to build a rocket, even though he has such things as the Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s Starry Night hanging on his walls.  He also needs a Chinese Shrink Ray, which his Arch Rival Vector has stolen from Gru right after he stole it from the Chinese.  In order for his plans to work, he needs the help of three orphan girls who help to make Gru less of a villian and more of nice guy-well, nicer anyway.

The 3D effects were fun, with the best bits being saved for the ending credits where a number of the little yellow minions outdo each other but shoving things out of the screen and into the third dimenson.  One of the best bits is a ladder sticking out of the screen in a pretty impressive manner.  Lots of other cool little 3D effects were here and there, and I liked the overall look of Despicable Me.

This was mostly a kid’s movie with a few gags tossed in for the parents, but it was a cute story that was funny and touching.  My favorite line in the movie was-Gru: [Explaining why the girls can’t find their book “Three Little Kittens”] That book was accidentally destroyed maliciously

Despicable Me was better than I expected and the 3D was about the best I’ve seen in one of these CGI movies.

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