Dexter Season 2-Dexter Loses His Mojo

Showtime’s Dexter is the story of a serial killer who is a vigilante that follows a Code of Harry-his adopted father. Dexter exercises his demons and kills someone by slicing and dicing them, but only if they are bad men. He is a hero, or is he a villain? The fact of the matter is that most of us would skip that whole due process business if we could. Showtime’s Dexter is always sure that he is killing a bad guy, seeing as he works for the Police as a forensic scientist. This is a damn good show.
The series is based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. Showtime’s Dexter stars a couple of people that I really like. Michael C Hall, who was brilliant in Six Feet Under, and Julie Benz, who played the very bad vampire Darla in Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both are very good here as well.
As the Second Season opens Dexter has gone a while without a kill, he keeps a time count down to the minute. He is being followed by a fellow law enforcement officer who has figured out there is something not right about Dexter. In response Dexter becomes a serious bowler. His team is called Bowl Till It Bleeds. But finally, the cop gets tired of watching Dexter lead a very boring life and gives up following him. Dexter takes the chance to find his next victim.
His next victim is a voodoo priest, who curses him. Dexter can’t kill the priest. Dexter thinks maybe it is because the man is blind and it isn’t sporting. Dexter is confused by it all. Dexter takes his boat and hangs out at his favorite body dumping site. Dexter thinks things will get better. Dexter is wrong, they don’t get better.
Since Dexter is used to dishing out the bad things, he is having a hard time dealing with being on the receiving end. Dexter can’t kill a bad guy that mets the Code, he can’t get it up with his hot and ready girlfriend, he has another evil dude ready to be butchered, but screws it up. His girlfriend may be ready to turn him. And, oh yeah, his private body dumping site is discovered.
Great acting, great writing, and great production values.
There is a Dexter Wiki page now, if you feel like adding your own two cents to the legend.
This looks to be a great season of Showtime’s Dexter. After all, as any kid stealing candy from a drugstore can tell you, the thrill is not in stealing the candy, it’s the risk of getting caught.


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