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doctor-strange I’m not all that familiar with Doctor Strange, so for once I needed the Origin Story that takes up the first part of Doctor Strange the movie. Our hero is a egotistical jerk who, like Doctor House, only treats people whose cases he finds interesting. Being a surgeon, when he finds himself in a car crash, naturally it’s his hands that are damaged. No longer being able to preform surgery, he decides to follow the path of enlightenment.

He ends up in Nepal and meets an immortal. This person is a lot like Tyler Durden from Fight Club. All Doctor Strange has to do is sit on the Temple’s front porch until the Immortal decides to let him in. He doesn’t wait all that long. In fact, it seems like it was something on the order of a few hours. A tiny price to pay for the secrets of the universe.

In short order, days or weeks or hours, who can tell in a film like this? Doc Strange is the new Demigod about town. Which comes in handy, since he soon has to do battle with an actual god. Or something like a god. A big CGI pair of eyes anyway.

Doctor Strange was fun, but I still like Deadpool better. Doctor Strange took itself a bit too seriously, considering the often silly nature of the story.

Like all modern movies, Doctor Strange was a huge Computer Generated Image fest. It was filled with effects made popular in Inception. Lots of buildings bending this way and that. Lots of floors constantly shifting this way and that. Lots of kaleidoscope effects. They were all done very well and looked pretty amazing.

The Dark Dimension, or whatever it was called, on the other hand, looked downright silly. It was a velvet painting for use with a black light. Not so much scary as odd. And the bad guy, well, all CGI bad guys look like CGI bad guys. He wasn’t scary or remotely realistic. He was just a big cartoon.

Doctor Strange was a good movie.

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