Don’t Worry-It’s The Happiest Day of The Year

The land lord say your rent is late
He may have to litigate
Don’t worry, be happy -Bobby McFerrin

It seems the Happiest Day of the Year falls on a slightly different day each year, but often around this time-something about being free of school, good weather, the chance for a nice trip to the beach-good times. The abundance of sunlight hours influences optimism along with childhood memories and upcoming holidays. Some of us are just naturally happy and some of us, well, were a bunch of grumps that are seldom happy for long-no matter what day it is.

But I will admit that the end of a school year was always a great day for me-I hated school, as any regular reader of this blog can readily see by often sloppy grammar and spelling-though I do use a spell checking, for all the good it does me. But really I’ve always hated kids, even when I was one.

As for the Holidays, well, we were not a big summer trip family-though we did have one memorable bus trip to California that was worthy of a bad road trip movie. Maybe we might go to Six Flags or the Fort Worth Zoo, both happy places for the most part. At least until Six Flags turned into Coasterland and nothing but numb skull teens wanted to go there.

Ok, lots of sunshine and happy memories are what for the happiest day of the year-hmm, lots of sunshine means lots of grass that has to be cut and lots of sweating. Ok, happy sunshine thoughts-a day at the beach-I do like a nice day at the beach, well, there is that whole sunburn and possible death by cancer thing, but I might remember to bring the sunscreen. Of course, there will be likely be kids at the beach and, as I may have mentioned already-I hate kids.

Ok, I’ll try one more time-Happiest Day of the Year-optimism with childhood memories. Are there any optimistic childhood memories that don’t end with at least mild disappointment? Even Ralphie shot his eye out once he got that Red Ryder bb gun. Childhood-nah, I got nothing.

Everything is gonna be alright-that’s about as optimistic as I can be at the moment.

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