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I watch a lot of TV, but not as much as I used to. I hear stats from time to time that people are wringing theirs hands over kids watching four or five hours of TV a day, and I think, what are these kids? Amish? The TV goes on when I wake up and goes off when I go to sleep. Well, maybe not quite as bad as that every day, I do leave the house once in a while.

But the point is, I am sort of familiar with most of the TV shows up for an Emmy this year. I like when the Emmy Nominations are announced and I can say-what? That Show? You’ve got to be kidding? I’m talking to you Life According to Jim. But most of the shows are the usual suspects-big budget costume drama gets the most nods-John Adams and it was good, what I watched of it.

There are too many shows for me to watch, so I tend to keep an eye on the Sci Fi and Fantasy front, there was some good news in the Emmy Nominations. The brilliant and Tim Burtoneque Pushing Daises got 12 Emmy Nominations, that’s the third most. Pushing Daises is a wonderfully odd show and I hope it wins big.

The Sci Fi Channel twisted Land of Oz story, Tin Man, got 9 Emmy Nominations. I was not as impressed with Tin Man as I wanted to be, even though the cast was brilliant and the sets Divine. The story, such as it was, was pretty terrible. Still, it was one of the more serious Sci Fi Channel efforts and was very good considering it didn’t have any CGI monsters eating New York, or LA, or New York and LA. The Sci Fi Channel makes so really bad movies.

The wonderful Cranford, which aired on PBS Masterpiece Theater, got 8 Emmy Nominations and I hope that it wins all of them as well. Another great costume drama with an amazing cast and wonderful setting. Though it is kind of hard to understand the world in which the people of Cranford lived, it was fun to watch.

The Andromeda Strain and LOST both got 7 Emmy Nominations, though to be honest I didn’t think The Andromeda Strain was all that great. It is good than anyone makes shows from older Sci Fi works. So if The Andromeda Strain wins a couple of Emmys maybe it will inspire the making of a few more classic Sci Fi movies. LOST, well, it is not as great as it once was, but it is still the best Sci Fi on TV right now.

The other serious show on The Sci Fi Channel is Battlestar Gallatica, the warped retelling of the 1970s space opera. This updated and revved up Battlestar is a pretty good show, but the countless meanderings of the plot and the death and rebirth of just about every major character gets pretty old after a while. Battlestar has 5 Emmy Nominations and I’m sure its makers wanted more, they take this silly show way too seriously for it’s own good.

Two of my current favorite Sci Fi shows are Heroes and Terminator:The Sarah Connors Chronicles-both shows got 3 Emmy Nominations. This has to be good news for Sarah Connors as it was a strike shortened series and didn’t even have a full season run. Sarah Connors was a very good show with great production values and story lines. Heroes, well, the second best show of TV is still very good and getting better all the time. Heroes should have had a few more Emmy Nominations in my humble opinion.

For a complete list of the 2008 Emmy Nominations head over to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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3 comments on “Emmy Nominations 2008

    Glad you got the complete list of nominees. I agree that “Pushing Daisies” is one fabulous show and deserves every award. Also, with you on “Heroes” and hope it gets something this year. Did you see the presentation? Kristin Chenowith (from Daisies) was delightful with Neil Patrick Harris.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    Nope, just hit the site and looked for things that interested me-I’m sure that Kristin was great.

  3. CHUS says:

    This is what I think: Emmy 2008

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