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Extinction. In classic, post apocalypse style we open up with a group of people crowded together. Random people on buses heading for parts unknown. Then something happens. All but a tiny handful are eaten by zombies.

We flash forward about ten years and find three survivors living next door to each other. Two men and one little girl. The world is a frozen wasteland covered in white. The survivors are kind of nuts. Even though they live side by side, they appear to hate each other, or at least, one of them hates the other. They may well be the last people on earth, but that doesn’t mean they have to stop acting like two year olds.

A lot of nothing happens. The girl plays with a dog. One of the men plays records over a loudspeaker and broadcasts to any empty world. A nearby warehouse has all the food the three people will ever need. But then the unexpected happens. They are attacked by zombies. They had let their guard down, thinking all the monsters were long gone.

Extinction was not a good movie. It reminded me a lot of a frozen vampire film from a couple of years back. 30 Days of Night was also pretty pointless and silly. But if you liked that movie, you might like this one. As with most films like this, I always have to wonder why our heroes have nothing but handguns and shotguns laying around. I think I would have headed for the nearest military base and picked up a bit of heavy ordinance, just in case. Hell, I would have moved into the bunker with the weapons. Someone did that on Syfy’s Defiance.

In the end we don’t know much more than we did to start with. Maybe there are more people, maybe not. Maybe there are more zombies, maybe not. Does anyone care? Definately not.

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