Forever3Our hero is an immortal who just can’t seem to stay dead. He dies three times in the first episode and once or twice in the second. Since his gift of immortality is a magical one, his body kindly vanishes every time this happens.

I like Forever, it has a great cast and I’m always glad to see Judd Hirsch in anything. The show looks good and there are a lot of costumes and sets as we move around in time to see what our two hundred year old hero has been up to lo these many years.

The main body of the show feels like Castle and Perception, in that a pretty police woman finds that she can solve a lot more crimes with the help of a good looking man who does a lot of Sherlock Holmes’ style deductions. In fact, our hero here, Dr Morgan, does a hell of a lot of Sherlock Holmes deducting, right down to the ‘I see your Mother played the cello for the Russian Opera’ kind of fact stating. A little of this goes a long way, but like Dr Morgan managing to get himself killed over and over again, it’s an integral part of the show.

Dr Morgan has a job as a Medical Examiner and sees murders where others don’t. He has one confidant, played with style and panache by Judd Hirsch, who takes care of him and helps him when he dies. Much like the hero of the Time Traveler’s Wife, Doc Morgan returns to the world naked and alone, so he needs someone to bring him clothes. Unlike Sherlock Holmes and the Time Traveler, he hasn’t figured out it might be a good idea to find a hidey hole to store some clothes and money, just in case. Odd for a fellow is a bit of a super genius in all other respects.

As with many such shows, having a crime solving immortal on the job isn’t enough, we also have to introduce a super villain for Dr Morgan to deal with. We’ll have to see how that works out. In the meantime, I think I like the whole crime solving aspect of the story.

Forever is a fun show and I hope it gets a chance to develop.

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