He never takes the mask off. review of FrankFrank is the story of man who wants to be a Social Media Rockstar and a Music Rockstar. One night he watches as a music group’s keyboard man tries to kill himself. He says, hey, I play keyboard. And just like that he joins the band.

He notices that something is a bit off. The band’s lead singer, Frank, wears a large papier-mache mask at all times. Our hero thinks he is going to play a gig for the weekend, but soon discovers that he is to work on an album. The band is made up of very odd people. They tend to beat each other up and they have a group Safe Word. They also hate him, even though he writes the closet thing to normal music. They are more Performance Art. One of their featured instrument is the Theremin, best known for it’s role in the theme to 1960s Star Trek.

It’s an interesting film about people who are not quite normal. This was a film that was inspired by a newspaper article. How odd is that? Seems there was this wannabe PeeWee Herman in Britian who called himself Frank Sidebottom. He wore an oversized papier-mache head with large eyes and a blank expression. This is not his story.

Frank left me wondering about a few things. Such as what happened to the studio tapes our hero spent his inheritance making? He should have had enough material to make an album and release it on social media. Some of the music was good, if a bit out there. There was a lot of talk about finding their tribe, never an easy task.

The acting was great and the music was pretty good. It was a film that makes you think. What is normal and what is madness? It was also pretty funny in a couple of spots.


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