Fringe Wobbles to an End

fringe_s5posterI’m not a big fan of series finales, but they do seem to be one last chance for the network to snag a few viewers.  I hated the last MASH, didn’t much care for the Borg destroying end of Voyager, and the whole last season of LOST was pretty pointless.

Fringe started out as a kind of knock off of The X-files, we had a team of people of looked into odd things happening.  Then we veered off into this parallel universe and I sort of lost interest as the story became larger and stranger and made less and less sense.

Then they just kind of wrapped up the other universe story and forgot about it because the earth was suddenly invaded by a bunch of bald guys from the 50s.  The 2650’s, or something like that.  It seems that these emotionless manikins are the product of a very successful eugenics program, but they got bored or something in the future and needed to come back in time to–bah, who the hell cares?

So the whole last season of Fringe went where everyone thought the last season of LOST was going-it never happened.  I watched most of the last season of Fringe and was never really sure what Universe they were in, why the bad guys where here, or why I should care.  As with all stories where Time Travel is tossed in, the writers could kill off everyone and it didn’t matter, because they would all be fine once the heroes did whatever they needed to do.

The House series finale was pretty damned lame as well, and I really loved House.

I never really loved Fringe, though I did like a few episodes here and there.  I would have been happier with the monster of the week format than the grand story arc that goes nowhere.  Maybe, somewhere in a nearby universe, there is a better Fringe that had a better ending.

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2 comments on “Fringe Wobbles to an End
  1. NONE says:

    Talk about spoiler alert. I lost interest in “Voyager” about 5 years into it. Not sure when I thought it jumped the shark? Maybe that thing where the crew and ship got beaten up so bad, but in the end it was OK because it was just a copy. It is mentioned here.

    Talk about Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower…

    Regardless, I never saw the last episode. Now I know what happened in it.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    The problems with Voyager are endless, but there were still a few good episodes here and there. My biggest gripe was the never ending supply of shuttlecraft. If they had just lined up every shuttle craft they lost and replaced the next week without comment, they could have walked back to earth on top of them.

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