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The first two episodes of season 4 of Game of Thrones have been very interesting. I think in part this might be due to the fact that after three seasons of constant scene shifting, character introduction, and plot lines being laid down stone by stone, I kind of knew who everyone was and why they were doing what they were doing. There were like only two characters that I really had no idea who they were. There were a couple of dozen faces that I didn’t really remember much, but the Main Players were often at Center Stage in these two episodes.

girl gone wildThe most important event in Episode 1 was when our poor little girl dressed as a boy, Arya Stark, continues to get revenge and kill off the people on her endless list of people that need to be killed. This was one of those rare feel good moments in Game of Throne, and what do we feel good about? A child killing a number of people and earning the respect of her murderous kidnapper. There was also a bit of fun with dragons.

Then there was Episode 2, in which the most hated character in all of fiction meets a cowardly and wimpy death, but hey, any death of King Joffery is a good death. The story opened up with one of the countless plot lines that I really have very little interest in, the one where some schmuck had his dick cut off by some bastard of some lord or something. Since it was only a matter of time before Joffery joined the rest of the dead on Game of Thrones, this wasn’t much of a shock and his death was way too easy. Joffery needed the kind of slow torture that dickless fellow is being given.

the imp with the cupOne of the problems with Game of Thrones is that there are endless characters to hate, but damned few to love and fewer still to root for. We have Tyrion, a misborn fellow who is still a nasty bit of work, and he’s pretty much it. Oh, we can sort of root for the remaining children of Ned Stark, but we have all learned that being a Stark is being a walking corpse. Then there’s the Dragon Girl, but it really doesn’t look like anything good is going to happen to her, even if it is being forshadowed that her dragons will fly over the capitol city.

And I suppose we could root for the Lord of Light to destroy the world, but even for Game of Thrones that would be a pretty grim ending.

It looks like Game of Thrones has a pretty cool season on the horizon.

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