Ghostbusters 2016

ghostbusters_ver11_xlg-1 Yeah, that sucked.

1984’s Ghostbusters is the only film I ever paid to see twice in a first run theater. The acting was good, the special effects were pretty damned amazing, and the story was compelling. It had it’s funny moments, but Ghostbusters was played straight. Our heroes were real scientists trying to understand something that couldn’t be understood. My favorite scene was the one where the ghosts break containment and flood the city as some wonderfully funky and scary music plays in the background. These were some scary ghosts that go on a murder spree.

2016’s Ghostbuster cost a mind baffling $144 Million dollars. After watching this bit of dreck, I can honestly say I have no idea what the hell they spent the money on. The actors sucked, the special effects sucked, and the story was a retread of Ghostbusters II which itself sucked. The real problem seems to be that they re-made The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series and not the 1984 film. Which would explain the childish obsession with fart and vomit jokes. The film’s intended audience appears to have been 7th grade boys.

The problems with this film are too numerous to name. There isn’t a single thing they got right.

The film’s makers had the desire to ruin several other films from the 80s as well as Ghostbusters. One of the ‘ghosts’ we see is clearly a Gremlin. When we first met one of the brain dead ‘scientists’ she is wearing a modern version of Doc Brown’s mind reading helmet from Back to The Future. Another blatant insult was when the girls, and made no mistake these are girls and not mature grown-up women, babble on about Patrick Swayze being a ghost.

This film is so bad it’s bad. Much like the jarringly bad Fantastic 4, you have to wonder who read this script and thought it was a good idea. Stay away. Stay far away.

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