Gillian Anderson Fun on The Tonight Show

Now I like Gillian Anderson and I like London-so the fact that Gillian Anderson now lives in London is kind of cool. Of course, the fact that you have to be as rich as Gillian Anderson to live in London does kind of suck.

I don’t watch the a Tonight Show too much-I mainly tune out after the monologue unless there are headlines to be had. But then I heard that Gillian Anderson was going to be on, so I hung around. Wow-first of all, on Masterpiece Theater she has like this glow in the dark Bozo red hair. Her hair looked like, well, hair on the Tonight Show. Gillian Anderson looks great, as always, but that red dye job make her look just a tad off. I know it was red in The X-Files at one point as well, but who remembers that far back?

Gillian Anderson is like a lot of fine actors in that they are great when they have a script to memories but not so great when they have to fly by the seat of their pants. Ronald Reagan was well known for making odd comments when asked not so odd questions.

Among other things Gillian Anderson talked about recognizing the taste of Meth and reminded Jay Leno of which hole is used for reproduction. Gillian Anderson is very pregnant and inspired Jay Leno to make a number of comments. It was an interesting interview. She talks about how she loves London and how she goes to the ‘loo’-as they say in London. She also images a car race between Judi Dence and Helen Merrin-that would be pretty awesome.

Oh, and they do get around to talking about the X Files and how odd it is to be playing these roles after so long. Like all actors Gillian Anderson pretty much forgot about Agent Scully and what had happened to her. I’m not too excited about The X Files Movies, but I will go and see anyway-it’s bound to be better than the last X Files movie. Of course, that isn’t setting the bar all that high.

Part 1

Part 2

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3 comments on “Gillian Anderson Fun on The Tonight Show
  1. SASSY MAMA BEAR says:

    The show is on much too late for this old gal unless I am having an insomniac moment, so I missed this. We will see the movie I am sure only because the husband was a major fan of the show. Now me, I am seriously depressed because you can no longer find The Highlander TV Series on dvd new, must go to Ebay and such….oh see now I am babbling, time to pop off.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    If there can be only one, how come there was always more than one? I kind of liked the Highlander, but it was one of those shows that was always on at odd times and I could never keep track of it.

  3. BENJAMIN says:

    Thanks for posting the clips 🙂

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