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Gillian Anderson is best known, and to most people only known, as David Duchovny’s uptight partner on The X-Files. The fact that there three recent stories floating around about Gillian Anderson would seem to mean that someone in her publicity department has decide to remind people that Gillian Anderson wasn’t abducted by aliens, eaten by the Loch Ness Monster, or moved to the Great White North to live with Big Foot. She just moved to London to raise a family and work in The West End.
The news for a few months now has been the X-Files 2 movie, which has a kind of why not? quality about. After all, Sex in the City, and just about every TV Show ever made, seems to be making it’s way to the big screen. There will soon be a new Star Trek Movie, a new Batman movie, a new Dallas movie-well, can the Teletubbies be far behind?
But just making the movie isn’t news any more, we’ve known about that for a while. No it’s the steamy bedroom scenes in the film that have Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny unhappy. The idea of seeing these aging TV stars striping down is not an appealing one. I had to look away when David Duchovny bared it all on Californiacation. Think about those beach photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt. So maybe they are right to want any and all sex scenes axed.
The second Gillian Anderson story is that she will be hosting Masterpiece Theater. Sounds more like a job for Pamela Anderson, Masterpiece theater? But then, Gillian Anderson did make The House of Mirth, a very depressing film, in which she wore all that Victorian garb and looked really very amazing. Maybe PBS could talk her into donning some Victorian wear for the five minutes she’ll spend telling you how great Masterpiece Theater is.
For someone that I haven’t heard much about in a while, she’s been pretty busy. Gillian Anderson has four new movies due out in 2008, the most interesting being The X-Files 2. Cinematical is reporting that Gillian Anderson just started work on The Smell of Apples due out in 2009.
I just hope she doesn’t tire herself out too much hosting Masterpiece Theater and making all these movies. Gillian Anderson has a nice website and her Messages section reads just like anyone else’s blog. Well, maybe most of us don’t talk about flying to India or wrapping films, but you know what I mean.
Is it just me, or does it seem kind of odd for Gillian Anderson to have several affiliate programs running on her website? Don’t they pay her enough for making movies? Well, there are products designed by Gillian Anderson, so maybe it makes some sense.
All the charity buttons seem to be more in line with being a celebrity these days. Don’t send flowers, donate to a good cause. And maybe buy a poster while here.
The X-Files lost its way somewhere and stopped being intriguing and just became baffling. So I hope the new movie gets back to the show we all loved. Just give us a long episode of The X-Files with a baffling setup, a mixture of possible explanations, and a nice, enigmatic ending.
What really happened out there? How the hell should I know?

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