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I mean odd as in random, but well, also as in strange. My latest timesink has been a site called Blogcatalog, which is a place for bloggers with nothing better to do to hang out and talk about life, the universe, and everything. Here are bloggers that blog for the love of writing, bloggers that want to get rich with Adsense, bloggers that saw the word blog somewhere and thought, hey, I wanna do that!

Pagerank is how Google keeps score of the internet. Their page on Pagerank has a PR of 7 out of 10. Adobe has a pagerank of 10, along with most of the other web pages that have Adobe in the title. Welcome to The White House has a pagerank of 10. NASA has a pagerank of 9. Apple has a pagerank of 9. Microsoft has a pagerank of 9. Intel has a pagerank of 9. Digg has a pagerank of 8. Blogcatalog has a pagerank of 7. Perez Hilton has a pagerank of 7.

So Pagerank is pretty hard to peg out. And it does change from time to time. My own efforts here at If You Write It have netted my blog a pagerank of 3. Which is not all that good really. But at least I have a pagerank, which I did not for some time. I am more obsesses with my Alexa rank as far as stats-that-don’t-really-matter, but-I-care-about-them-anyway go. Pagerank and blogs are something of a mystery to me, as well as many other bloggers. It has something to do with links pointing in, which you can never have too many, but it also has to do with content and it’s relevance to whatever Google thinks you are. Hence Adobe gets high marks for talking about one topic and one topic only-Adobe. There is also something going on with the ratio of text to code on your site, the more text, the better seems to be the thinking on some fronts.

Which brings me to The Odd Bloggers. I have a list of blogs and their pageranks. If you have a blog with a Pagerank of 10 I’d be interesting in hearing about it-and I don’t mean one where you monkeyed with the counter in Photoshop to make it say 10. These are not the best blogs in the world, nor the worst, just a handful of people that I found and like to look at once in a while. If any of you want to write a pointless post and link back to me, feel free. If not, you know I’m talking to you, John Chow, that’s ok too.

Evil Woobie has a pagerank of 3. She’s one of the EntreCard Evangelists, but I won’t hold that against her. I like her blog as it is laid out nice and have a number of pretty images and her Entrecard is right at the top of the page. I also like that Evil Woobie blogs about whatever she feels like blogging about. I have always thought that focus is so over rated, as a casual scanning my blog can attest. I found about Entrecard through this blog and have found many other interesting blogs as a result. Thanks.

Danny Wakeup It’s a Beautiful Day-has a Pagerank of 3. If there is a better title for a blog anywhere, I have not seen it. There is also a very artful image of a cowboy, which I am guessing is Danny. Seems to be all about the Politics at the moment, but there are some nice images down the page. He has another blog on Dinners, and well, who doesn’t love Dinners?

The Offended Blogger no pagerank. Her blog is pretty and funny and I already miss the old icon of the hand to the face, though I am very fond of the new icon of the pin-up girl-just not entirely sure it fits the whole offended theme. My only complaint is about the font she is using, which is pretty much the only complaint I ever have about any blog that I read. Maybe it is my own fault for not having as many fonts on my hard drive as I used to. They take up so much damned space-I know hard drives are cheap-oh, maybe I should not be talking about Hard Drives while I am reviewing the Offended Blogger’s blog. I like it-read it, you’ll like it too. If not just leave a comment telling her how offended you are by it all.

John Chow-pagerank 4. The Great and Powerful John Chow talks about making money and well, that’s pretty much it. But it is fun stuff to read, if your into that whole making money online thing. John Chow is one of the Big Names on EntreCard and so far as I can tell, he has never turned down anyone that wants to have their card on his site. Getting into the que for that spot is a bit of magic beyond my means to comprehend. John Chow makes a hell of a lot more money than most of us will ever make from blogging, hence the interest in what he has to say. I am never going to be able to buy and sell buildings like Trump or whip out fifty bestsellers like Stephen King, but I can blog.

Wordsmith Extraordinaire– pagerank 5. This is a blog I just recently found and noticed it has a pagerank of 5. This is a serious and thoughtful blog, as writers tend to think before they put words down, then strike those words out, put more words down, strike those out and start over again. This is why I am not a published writer, that whole re-writing thing is just beyond me. This blog has been around for a couple of years, it looks nice and it’s by a real writer. No offense, Offended Blogger, etc.

Vonnegut’s Asshole-pagrank 5. This is what blogging would be like if it had been started by Robert Crumb, Lenny Bruce, and Shel Silverstein. This is an amazing assortment of odd things. The blogger manages to be both highly offensive and highly entertaining at the same time. At least, I liked some of what he had to say. I like the fact that he seems to carry on a dialog in many of his posts. He talks for, well, a long time. Looking at a random post got a wordcount of 2555 words. But there were a lot of images tossed in for good measure. He seems to have slowed down a bit, but I will be checking in once in a while to see if he has anything new to say.

And that’s about that. Does pagerank matter to a blogger? Well, it’s supposed to help people find you when they start typing those random phraes into Google. You do want people to find you, don’t you? Then they can read you. Besides, it’ss fun to read those search word stats and find out what people type into search engines.

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