Bad things happen in space. Especially in movies. In Gravity Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are busy on a routine mission when they run into a bit of a problem. A couple of tons of space debris is working it’s way around the earth every ninety minutes, and it randomly destroys everything not in direct contact with Sandra Bullock.

gravity-movie-posterGravity is a damned good movie. The pacing is such that time seems to fly by as George and Sandra float and drift and tumble in the void. There are time limits, such as running out of air and running out of space ships and worrying about those bits of metal intent on destruction. One thing leads to another in a semi-logical way until the story ends with even more life threatening drama.

There were a couple of times when I was left wondering about super genius Clooney. At one point they are at the badly damaged space shuttle and running out of air and fuel. But…they were at the space shuttle!!! Where there had been air and fuel not that long ago. But loading up on supplies would not have been good for the story, so they are off on the next phase of the quest. Then there is a scene where the strength of parachute cables is questioned and later, these same cables are seen to have the tensile strength of spider silk. ¬†We also see George grab onto the space station, but moments later is drifting off into space-why did he let go?

But really, the story moves at such a pace that you don’t have much time to wonder about the logic of what is happening. The visuals are stunning. Planet earth and star-fields and spacecraft and panning angles that take you from the depths of space to the insides of a space helmet. Great stuff.

A few of the 3D effects were a little odd, such as Sandra’s tears floating off instead of flowing down her face, but for the most part, it looked very good.

Gravity was well worth seeing in 3D and well worth seeing.

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