The best hamburger I ever had was in a Greek restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a thick burger, a layer of black olives, and a layer of Feta cheese. Just a simple and yet perfect burger, I have recreated it myself from time to time.

But most of the time, I just look for the easy fix. I like a Whopper now and them, but I stay away from McDonalds as much as I can. I like Whataburgers, Chapps, Carls Jr, Fuddruckers, Watson Burger, Sonic, Dairy Queen, Braum’s, and pretty much every hamburger I have ever eaten. I used to like McDonalds, but then I grew up. Seriously, what is it about kids and McDonalds?

Dear Old Dad used to do the whole cook out thing and his burgers were pretty much awful. He was a big fan of using Starter Fluid and maybe he even liked the taste of the stuff. Mom was more of a skillet person, and her burgers were always thin and cooked a nice solid black all the way through. Handy if you wanted to play hockey later.

I’ve always been a big fan of slightly odd things on hamburgers. Olives, jalapenos, guacamole, and bacon are the usual suspects. I’ve seen things like peanut butter and pinto beans and blue cheese. All kinds of sauces and leafy things as well. I have never been a big fan of burgers so thick that you can’t get them into your mouth. Burgers should not be eaten with a fork and knife.

I’ve eaten burgers all over America and I am not a harsh critic, nor do I have a list of the best I burgers I have had. I tend to like whatever burger I happen to be eating. One of the Top Burgers in Fort Worth is often Kincaid’s, but I was not really that blown away by it. Likely has something to do with it always being rated as The Best Burger in Fort Worth.

I love burgers, but Best Burgers tend to take themselves a little too seriously. And then that yellow haired weirdo from the Food Network shows up and it’s all downhill from there.

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Jon Herrera

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