Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

I’m one of those people who didn’t read the Harry Potter books, but I have enjoyed the movies over the years.  Well, except for those three or four in the middle that didn’t seem to make much sense or advance the plot or even tell an interesting story.  But they were still fun to watch.

I always thought that Harry was going to turn out to BE The Dark Lord.  That would have been a great twist, eh?

It’s hard not to spill all the secrets and mention in passing that Luke is Darth Vader’s son, that the Maltese Falcon is a fake, and that Rosebud was just a favorite childhood toy.  And there were a couple of shockers here at the end, but they didn’t really mean that much to me.

The great horror of the story was not the wrapping up of the tale of that tiresome boy with the scar on his forehead and his evil nemesis without a nose.  No, the horror was watching Hogwart’s destroyed and seeing all our old chums for the last time, whether they go off to Wizard afterlife or just grow up and grow old.

The last of the Harry Potter movies was very good.  The nearly sold out showing I attended with The Wife broke out into applause as the credits rolled.  It was great looking, though I could have done with a few less CGI giants that were the only really weak effects in the film.  They did a good job of waging war on an epic scale and bringing home tragedy on a personal one.

This was great stuff.  A fitting end to a great series of films.

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