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Girls is the story of a bunch of 20 something lowlifes living in New York and fucking anything that moves.  Since the show is only thirty minutes long these isn’t a lot of room for silly things like character development or motivation.  Our mostly struggling lot met someone, have sex with them, and than wonder-hmm, who was that, anyway? when they wake up somewhere strange.

These are all unlikeable people doing unlikable things-but that hasn’t HBO's Girlsstopped Two and Half Men from running for a zillion years.  The difference with Girls is that it wants to be the Art House stupid sitcom.  Our main hero, such as she is, gets stoned on coke so she can sell a story for $200.  A gay man has sex with a woman, but finds he doesn’t really like it.  At the end of last season an insane Brit woman marries a rich man-who this season is shocked to find that she doesn’t want to run out and get a job.  And so on and so forth.   Random things happen, random people have sex, and there a lot of nudity featuring people you’d really rather not see nude.

But I still kind of like it.  There are a few funny bits here and there.  I think my favorite episode so far is the fantasy episode of ‘One Man’s Garbage’, where one of our idiot girls hooks up with a rich doctor for a magical 24 hours.  It wasn’t funny, but it was a bit moving.  We saw in the first season that Hannah’s a total mooch and doesn’t want to work any more than the insane Brit girl does-and yet she doesn’t expect the fantasy to last.

Like all TV Shows, Girls was forced to make a few changes for Season 2.  The story of a bunch of socialite white girls was a little light on characters of color-so the first thing we see in Season 2 of Girls is Hannah having sex with a black guy.  He’s not a gang-banging kind of black guy, of course, he’s a suave and sophisticated black guy.  Which means he should have absolutely zero interest in the trashy loser Hannah.  She was also the heavy girl last season and is considerably less heavy this season.

Lena Dunham won two Golden Globes for Girls (Dunham for lead actress and Girls for best TV comedy).  Kind of odd, since it isn’t all that funny.

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3 comments on “HBO’s Girls
  1. NONE says:

    Not that funny? Kinda of like “The Comedian” from “Watchmen”?

    I don’t recall that he ever made me laugh, or come close to it.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    I don’t know, The Comedian was kind of funny as he fell to his death in a shower of glass shards.

  3. NONE says:

    Not as notable as Rorschy’s ink-blot blood spatter. But Schlong Smurf on lived for the inevitable sequel.

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