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Hell’s Kitchen is one of the better reality shows, if a bunch chefs trying to get a job with Gordon Ramsay counts as reality. The first Hell’s Kitchen was a British ITV show in 2004. A couple of the contestants walked off that show because Ramsay was too abusive. I wonder what they think of the new show?

The new season of Hell’s Kitchen has the usual odd mixture of chefs completing against each other and against Gordon Ramsay for a job as an Executive Chef in one of Gordon’s restaurants. I don’t see any clear favorites this time, they all look like total losers.

Of course, it takes a bit of time to sort them out. Like Survivor you have to watch for a few weeks before you figure out whose who. The first constants tossed out of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen were just a couple of Red Shirts-as in Star Trek-and would never have gotten the job anyway. Every reality show has a few obvious oddballs, but this season of Hell’s Kitchen has at least two seasons worth. All the men seem especially weak, so at this point in the show I would hazard a guess that one of the women is going to win.

But the real questions for me have always been about Hell’s Kitchen itself, is it a real restaurant? And if so, why would anyone go to it while the show is being filmed? Ramsay closes it without serving any food the first few nights of each season and yells at everyone every night. One woman was hit in the head with a chair, though not very hard. Who goes to a restaurant where they don’t serve food and people abuse you all evening? Maybe it is that whole chance of getting on TV thing. Or maybe they are all extras and used to not eating anyway.

I thought about being a Chef once upon a time, but I knew then that I couldn’t stand being yelled at all day. And I am not that big a fan of pain-burns and cuts hurt. Anyway. . .

The show is following the same pattern as last season, with the usual waking up early to dig through the trash and the losers have to work while the winners get to party with Gordon. It’s a fun show, but you do have to wonder if Gordon Ramsay is really such a sour puss. Even when he is off having fun he seldom looks very happy. But then, I guess he isn’t supposed to look very happy.

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