Heroes Season Three

Heroes has been a good show with occasional flashes of brilliance. Like The X-Men and The 4400 there is an ever growing group of people with Special Abilities roaming the world and it is the job of the Mundanes (that’s Us) to try and stop them from taking over the world.

One of the key elements of Heroes has been Slyar-a Villain’s Villain-but why have one super bad guy when you can have a whole cell block full of super bad guys? Through the usual Heroes business of Time Travel Gone Wrong-the world is once more at risk and we’re all going to die-or not.

The 4400 is a USA Network Science Fiction show about a bunch of Ordinary people who were whisk away and returned to Earth with Extraordinary Powers. After doing some research, one of the main characters discovers that he can create a vaccine of sorts that will give people their own unique Super Power-each person’s power is different, as each person is different. Sound familiar?

The trick with this glowing green wonder drug is that half the people who take it will die, while the other gain Super Powers of one sort or another. I think the writers of Heroes must have been watching the USA Network while they kicking back during the Strike.

The new plot line of Heroes now has the wonder drug that will give anyone who uses it Super Powers. They have not yet decided on mass distribution or talked about half the world dying and half the world being the Super Friends. There is also a bit of business copied straight out of Battlestar Galactica where one of the characters has a person haunting him that only he can see. The overall theme of Prison Break seems a little familiar for some reason as well, though why a Prison Break sounds familiar I can’t quite place.

Not that Heroes was ever the most original show in the world, but they aren’t even trying this time. I’ll still watch Heroes and hope for the best. These first two episodes of Heroes Season Three do not bode well for the future-of The World or The TV Series.

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