House, MD Still The Best Show on FOX

I know, some people like American Idol, but that has never been me. House is mean, sarcastic, and brilliant-my kind of guy. House is mostly a formula show, he sees a patient, nearly kills said patient before each commercial break, and then saves the patient by an act of Sherlockian reasoning inspired by someone’s casual comment. If you were paying attention, you might have figured it out yourself.

But the show really reaches its high of glory when it goes beyond its normal limits. Three Stories, in which House ‘teaches’ a class for a sick Doctor was a great episode in which we discover what happened to House’s leg. It was brilliant and funny and great stuff all around.

The fact that House is on FOX is a bit baffling, even though, the days are gone when it was nothing but The Simpsons and The X-Files and the days are here where is mostly American Idol and reality shows.

House Season Four’s Finale was brilliant. The flashbacks and lucid dreams helped to make the reality all the more poignant. Death is not unheard of on House, but it is not as common as it is on say, ER or Grey’s Anatomy. As always, House is the only who can solve the mystery. Amber and the amantadine. 13 and Huntington’s. There are seldom happy endings on House. Hmm, will amantadine really kill you if you take and then find yourself in a bus crash? I don’t know.

I have been a fan of British TV for as long as they have been airing it in the States. So I knew Hugh Laurie and knew that he did not have an American accent. I loved him in the Wooster and Jeeves series in which he co-starred with his good friend Stephen Fry-brilliant stuff that. He was also great as the daffy Prince Regent in The Black Adder The Third.

Sad to see this season of House come to an end, but at least they did it in good solid House fashion with a mystery to be solved and House there to solve it.

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