I love that New Job Smell

But I not getting a new job just yet. As always I am hoping that I will leave the regular rat race and become a self-employed rat, or a business owner rat, or something like that. In the mean time, I keep reading the want ads. As I may have mentioned, I am a professional photographer, just not the kind that gets his images on the cover of Vogue, or Newsweek, or even The National Enquirer. No, just a working stiff on the front lines at a big, heartless corp that makes Church Directories. Now I have a dream, that I will work somewhere where people come in and actually want to have their pictures taken. Like maybe a successful, upscale studio somewhere.
So I found this ad the other day. (Ad edited by deleting the location of the studio.)

Successful upscale portrait photography studio is seeking a full time Photographer to add to our team of motivated creative professionals. This position will work closely with the studio owner to produce portraits and products of the highest quality. This is not a beginner position. Must possess the following skills experience and knowledge: Digital photography workflow, Photoshop CS, raw file processing, ability to see and adjust color, posing and lighting high school seniors families and children, lab ordering software, strong writing and organization skills. Strong interpersonal Communication skills. Outstanding customer service. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
Must be able to creatively photograph high school seniors, children, families learning our style of creative posing and lighting.
Must be able to expertly process raw digital images adjusting for color and expertly retouch images of people using Photoshop CS.
Must have excellent attention to detail.
Sales presentations of images to clients after portraits have been taken.
Superior customer service.
Ordering images from our lab.
Schedule and book appointments.
Organize and prepare studio for sessions
Assist owner in a variety of special projects.

We provide a competitive compensation, paid vacation, on the job training, as well as heath benefits. This is a full time year round position.

3 to 5 years professional studio photography experience.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Strong customer service skills.

The ability to produce independent and in a team environment.Equally as important as experience is a positive attitude, passion for photography, high energy level, eagerness to work with the different disciplines and an ability to get along with the variety of personalities within the organization.

Alright, this is all me, except for that whole bachelor’s degree thing, and really, what the hell is that about? Well, it is all me until they get the pay-$25k to $35k a year. I’m sorry, are they joking? This job description basically says they will be all over your ass for everything you do and you better know how to do everything in a modern studio and then they have the balls to offer this jackshit salary.
Ok, I am not trying to pick on these people. I’m sure they went to a lot of effort to paste together this ad filled with catch phrases and cliches and maybe they even think someone whose been a pro photographer for three to five years would jump at the chance to make thirty grand a year. That is if they have been a pro photographer at Wal-Mart or K-Mart or Pennys. But I am betting those people don’t get a call back.
I read Rangerfinder and every single issue I have ever read had ads wanting Wedding Photographers. I am not a Wedding Photographer. Nor do I have much desire to become one. If anything I have been thinking of going the other direction and shooting small products. They stay where you put them and they don’t have to smile for it to be a good picture.

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