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In the Future, people never age past 25, all cars were designed in the early 1970s, and time has replaced dollars as currency.  In Time is a familiar story, a poor guy from the bad part of Time and a rich girl from the good part of Time, go on a Robin Hood style crime spreed to help the poor and the disenfranchised.

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake and the rest of the cast is young and good looking and always a minute or so away from dying.  It seems that everyone could be an immortal, but where you put them all?  So The Powers That Be make sure that a certain percentage of the Time Poor die on a regular basis.

I liked In Time, it was good to look at and there were a couple of really tense moments.  The logic of In Time is another matter.  Everyone has a time-clock on their left forearm and this time can be swapped quickly and easily for goods, services, and with anyone you want to give a few minutes.  This means that people who are running out of time and just grab the nearest person and steal some of their time.  The bad guys in the hood like to steal all of someone’s time and kill them.

Ok, logic and sci fi movies don’t really mix well, but it’s hard not to ask why everyone isn’t already stealing time.  Our heroes easily break into banks where hundreds of thousands of years are sitting in digital storage, steal cars that are hyper advanced-but don’t have tracking systems, and yet they are always seconds away from death.  You couldn’t keep a few years on hand so you don’t have run everywhere all the time?

In Time makes use of every cliche with the word time and replaces similar words in a couple of other cliches that don’t have the word time in them.  A little of this goes a long way.

In Time didn’t make much sense, it was pretty to look at.

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