Information overload

Information overload refers to the state of having too much information to make a decision or remain informed about a topic. It is often referred to in conjunction with various forms of Computer-mediated communication such as e-mail and the Web. The term was coined in 1970 by Alvin Toffler in his book Future Shock. Wikipedia

Writing a trendy blog means that the whole world is open as potential material for an article. Since it can be about anything, it is generally about nothing. I have blogged about sports, politics, entertainment, tv, movies, science, photography, writing and the everyday odds and ends that peak my interest.

Copyblogger, as well as many others, have solutions to the problem of info overload-of course, he is telling you how to write without using too much info, that’s not really my problem. But it is a good post anyway.

My day job takes a bit of time and blogging takes a bit of time and then I still want to watch LOST and the idea of doing of some real writing is always in the back of my mind and. . .maybe it’s more burnout than info overload, or do these two just naturally go together? The sudden feeling that you can’t do what everyone else seems to be doing.

I remember watching Camelot when I was a child, the over the top musical starring Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave-the story of the Once and Future King who is ruined by his best friend and his wife. At one point King Arthur is very sad over the loss of everything he holds dear, and thinks back to his youth and his mentor, Merlin.
“What’s the best thing for being sad?” Arthur said. “You told me once.”
“The best thing for being sad?” Merlin growls. “Learn something.”
I found this to be wonderful advice and set about trying to learn as much as I could. The result being that I am now a small authority on a vast array of useless information. I can juggle, preform a number of magic tricks, recite a large number of very bad jokes, and make a mean cup of espresso. I did not follow Merlin’s advice and learn what turns the world, but it might be fun to look into.

My lust knowledge in unending, but wading through all the information does get me down sometimes.

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