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inside outThe last Pixar film I watched was Brave, a Pixar film with a Disney plot shoved down its throat. Brave could have been so much better. I didn’t bother watching Cars 2 or Monster’s University. For the most part, Pixar films have been consistently good, but I have feared more Disney interference. It doesn’t look like Disney did too much damage to Inside Out.

I watched Inside Out in 3D, a gimmick that I guess is not going to go away any time soon. The 3D effects were smooth, but for the most part, unimpressive. I still like 3D, but I’m not sure it should be used on every film.

Like all Pixar films, there was a short before the main feature. The short was called Lava and was about a lonely volcano looking for love. It was a sappy bit of business, which proved to be the perfect leadin to Inside Out.

Inside Out was a real tear jerker. It has a few funny moments and plenty of whacky over the top characters. But it is mainly a love song to Sadness, one of the five emotions constantly fighting for control of our hero, 11 year old Riley.

My favorite emotion was Anger, played by Lewis Black. Fear sounded so much like Keith Carradine that I was totally surprised to see Fear was voiced by Bill Hader. Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith have the big parts of Joy and Sadness. Mindy Kaling rounds out the emotions as Disgust. Paula Poundstone has a small, but funny role. And, of course, John Ratzenberger, gets a small part.

One of the fun little bits is seeing inside the heads of other characters. Mom has a community of super rational emotions while Dad has five flavors of Anger.

The crux of the story is Putting Childish Things away. Endless days of Joy give way to endless days of Sadness. In fact, sadness is so strong that she can turn any memory into a sad one.

I like Inside Out a lot. Be sure to bring tissues.

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