It’s All About You, Jerry, Isn’t It?

Kyle orton The Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant.

Kyle Orton Plays Like a $100 Million Dollar Quarterback. Much like regular Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Kyle Orton did a great job of raising fans hopes only to dash them to the ground with a game ending interception. This was another game where it looked like the Cowboys had a chance to win it, but as they have so often in the past few years, they were able snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once more.

To be honest, my passion for the Dallas Cowboys isn’t what it was a few years back. The team is made up of mediocre players who have occasional flashes of brilliance. The Coaching Staff is made up of no-names and has-beens who have shown no signs of competency, let alone brilliance. The one and only person fully to blame for another 8-8 Season is the old man in the Owner’s Box whose fingerprints are on every player, coach, and hotdog vendor who works for The Dallas Cowboys organization. Jerry Jones is the Al Davis of the current NLF era, and that’s not a good thing.

The list of Jerry Jones mistakes is a familiar one to the folks living in Dallas, we love to hate Jerry Jones and a few of the reasons reach all the way back to the good old days. Jerry Jones unceremoniously fired Tom Landry-yeah it was time for him to go, but someone with a little class might have handled it better. He fired Jimmy Johnson after Jimmy won his second Superbowl and was on his way to winning four or five. Jerry Jones’ trained monkey, Barry Switzer, got one Superbowl win and Jerry snatched the trophy out of his hands on live TV. In more recent times Jerry Jones has had a series of really bad Head Coaches. including Yes Man Bill Parcels who seemed to be sleepwalking the whole time he was here. Jerry also has the odd desire to overpay the handful of players that he really, really likes-like paying $108 million dollars to aging quarterback Tony Romo, whose won one playoff game and is known far and wide for his ability to loose games in the closing minutes. Jerry Jones has had little luck in the Draft in recent years and his choices are often downright baffling.

Kyle Orton and Company did a pretty good job against the Philadelphia Eagles, but we all know that the Cowboys would have lost the next game, even if they had somehow managed to win this one.

Things will only get better when Jerry Jones is gone, one way or the other. Of course, I have no faith in Stephen Jones, either. The only hope the Dallas Cowboys have of ever become a winning team again is for Jerry to surrender some of his power and stop micromanaging everything.

In other words, there is no hope at all.

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2 comments on “It’s All About You, Jerry, Isn’t It?
  1. NONE says:

    I played fantasy football for a couple of years. I placed a lot of hope in Tony Romo.

    Needless to say, the experience soured me on fantasy football.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    Those first couple of years I had high hopes as well, since he doing pretty well and a high QB rating.

    Well, it could be worse, as shown by the Redskins, Raiders, Texans, Rams, Browns, etc, etc, etc.

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