J. Michael Straczynski and Wonder Woman

For sci fi geeks like me, J. Michael Straczynski will always and forever be the man behind Babylon 5.  Though he has moved well beyond the world of bozo haired aliens and space opera-the last time I heard his name he was proudly proclaiming that Changeling was a true story.

The news today is that Wonder Woman has been given a makeover-again-and that she is ready to move into the 21th century.  I like the new look, but then, I like the old look as well.  Wonder Woman is like Superman, she is an icon of the comic book world-but she has had a hard time being made into a movie.  The last time I heard any Big News about W0nder Woman was when my personal hero George Perez was taking over the title and going to drag Wonder Woman into the 20th Century-he still seems to be trying.

J. Michael Straczynski has not abandoned the space opera loving Sci Fi geeks of the world, in the works are such Science Fiction classics as Forbidden Planet and Lensman, as well as sci fi sounding titles like World War Z and Shattered Union.

I haven’t read comic books in a long time, but I used to be a semi-serious collector.  I fell in love with the work of George Perez in The New Teen Titans-great stuff that.  But I never got into his Wonder Woman comics.  I think I lost a lot of interest in comics once Graphic Novels took over and people started to think of them as an art form ala Mr Glass from Unbreakable.

It’s good to see Wonder Woman in the news anyway, can interviews with Linda Carter be far behind?

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2 comments on “J. Michael Straczynski and Wonder Woman
  1. I’m a little torn on this. This new look works, but at the same time, her old one is iconic. I mean, if you look at the track record of superheroes that have changes costumes, they end up failing more than succeeding. I think that’s what’s going to happen here.

    Not really a fan of rebooting her origin, either. It’s liks a spit in the face of her fans from the past…what is 60 yrs?

    Still, if this gets her on the big screen, thenI’m all for it. We are long overdue for a Wonder Woman movie!

    Green Lantern in coming out nexst year and they’re working on Flash. Heck, Jonah frakin’ Hex got on the big screen before Wonder Woman! WTF?!? Well, at least it wasn’t Aquaman…lol

    Overall, I have to say this may be like when you get something new after using the old version for sooo long. It’s just gonna take some getting used to

  2. DESCARTES says:

    Well, if they reboot Star Trek I guess they can reboot Wonder Women, but your right-I’m never fond of massive changes. Well, except for the change from Golden Age to Silver Age-that old Green Lantern with the striped pants was just weird.

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