Jessica Simpson and The Healthful Beer

Yes, I work out and take care of myself, but I also like a cold beer once in a while.”
Jessica Simpson said

After bringing all that luck to the Dallas Cowboys, Jessica Simpson is trying her hand at selling beer. Jessica Simpson has signed on as spokeswoman for Stampede Light Plus, made by Dallas’ Stampede Brewing Co.

Jessica Simpson is infamous in the Dallas area for her famous curse on boyfriend Tony Romo-though it seems that the Dallas Cowboys make their own bad luck to me. So I have to wonder how successful a beer promoted by Jessica Simpson will be.

Jessica Simpson will appear in ads in stores for the beer and is taking a 15% stake in the brewer. The Dallas Morning News says terms were not disclosed. Jessica Simpson has always struck me as a shrewd business woman. I mean, that dumb blond bit has to be an act, doesn’t it?

“Some consumers are looking for a better-for-you beer alternative -far beyond lights,” Beverage World Magazine reports. “Vitamin-enhanced, organic and functional beers speak to a specific consumer seeking to satisfy a particular need without compromising flavor. Stampede Light, a beer infused with B vitamins, folic acid, and folate, broadens the category for better-for-you beers.” Healthful beers, maybe that’s how Jessica Simpson got so smart.

Not content with just being a highly overpaid performer, Jessica Simpson has her own fashion line, recently launched her own fragrance, and has a range of hair extensions and a bath&body collection. What better addition to her red neck girl image than a healthy choice beer? Like most modern day celebrities, Jessica Simpson believes in diversification-“As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to diversify my portfolio with good ideas and good people.”

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