Joanna Krupa -I’d Rather Go Naked-PETA Ad

I’m a strong animal activist and I say no to fur.
Joanna Krupa

A naked Joanna Krupa is not really news. After all, supermodel Joanna Krupa was nude in Playboy in 2005. I’d rather go naked than wear fur has been a pretty popular ad campaign for the good people at PETA. Joanna Krupa nude on a series of posters is just one of the better Go Naked efforts.

Joanna Krupa has been called one of the world’s sexiest swimsuit models and semi-nude photos have been featured on the covers of magazines like Playboy, Maxim, FHM, and Trump Magazine. Trump Magazine? Seems the Donald like pretty women on the cover of his mag, well, why not?

Joanna Krupa nude for Peta is not all that the young woman does. Her resume has a number of interesting items on it. Though not as interesting as Joanna Krupa naked on a poster.

FILM-Max Havoc (lead), Curse of the Dragon, Planet Of The Apes, Legally Blonde
TELEVISION-The Man Show, The X Show, Guinness Book Of World Records, Son Of A Beach, ER, Safe Sex (PSA), Splatter Factory, and Jenny Jones Show.

Legally Blonde? ER? Planet of the Apes? I sort of watched those shows and I don’t recall Joanna Krupa-of course, she was likely wearing clothes at the time.

There is a Limited Edition 2008 Joanna Krupa Calendar. The calendar has several nude Joanna Krupa photos, as well as sevral swimsuit photos. If you don’t want to see a naked Joanna Krupa, there is also a PG-13 version of the calendar. I think the topless Joanna Krupa calendar will likely be a better seller.

Joanna Krupa (born April 23, 1981) is a Polish model and actress.
Over the years the 25 year old Joanna Krupa has been called “The World’s Sexiest Woman,” and “The No. 1 Supermodel on Earth.” But she’s also an official poker champion, a sports fanatic and she has a breathtaking sister. Joanna Krupa is the total package.

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