Joongel The Mother of All Time Sinks

A timesink is a term used to describe activities that consume a lot of time. A variant of this term is “time drain.”

Ok, I have used Popurls and I really like how everything is on one page, but the endless list of headlines doesn’t really do much for me. I like the groups of videos and images scattered about, but it is still kind of hard to sort out. I do like the Popurls Search Page.

There is also a pretty good little search it all site called Asieragos, which has a number of search engines on hand. It has a number of interesting websites on the main page, all of which can be searched by clicking on them.

I like Joongel better. I like that little toolbar that follows me around from site to site so I can keep hopping from place to place within the Joongel Universe. The key to a really great Time Sink-i.e. time waster-is that it makes it easy for you to waste time. Both Popurls and Asieragos take you away from their site when you click on a search result. Joongel has a toolbar at the top of the screen, most of the time, that lets you choose other sites in the category you are looking at or enter a new search term or category.

Joongel has a long list of Categories, including such things as Images, Videos, Music, Health, and Torrents. There are more useful categories like Cooking, Jobs, Property and Dictionary. So in addition to being a time sink that lets you listen to music and watch movie trailers, it could help you get a job or bake a cake or find an apartment. I like Joongel. A lot.

Joongel makes it easy to wander around the web with a sort of soft focus goal in mind and see what pops up. Or look with a sharp focus and see what you can find in the many different parts of the net that Joongel organizes. Google will still be my search engine of choice, but Joongel will make poking around in the shadows a lot more fun.

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2 comments on “Joongel The Mother of All Time Sinks
  1. ANNALEE says:

    Interesting search engine. I like the set up too.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    You can never have too many choices when it comes to searching.

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