Jurassic World-Not As Bad As I Feared

Jurassic world spoilers.

I’m not a fan of the scene where they feed a mosasur a great white shark. I guess it could have been worse, they could have fed it a killer whale.

Jurassic World had a lot of fun nods to the original film and a lot of Really? moments as well, such as when we see a handful of T-Rex headed pterodactyls or when we see guests in a theme park free wheeling it on their own while surrounded by run of the mill dinos that could crush their little hamster ball by stepping on it or when a couple of kids drive off in a Jeep that was abandoned twenty years ago.

Jurassic World is pretty much Jurassic Park, only with a lot more CGI and a much higher body count. The main difference being that the deaths in Jurassic Park were all meaningful, all involved people we knew and had some interest in. Jurassic World follows the path of most modern blockbusters, lots of deaths of random people that are solely in the movie to die. There was more emotional attachment to the pet Raptors than to the countless security guards and park guests that were slaughtered.

The deus ex machina didn’t quite ring true either, maybe if there had been a bell or gong or something earlier it would have worked better for me.

Still, it was a surprisingly good film. It does a good job of hitting all the same notes Jurassic Park hit. A couple of kids are separated from their parents and happen to be at the park, visiting a relative, when Something Goes Wrong. An Evil Man wants to steal the Dino DNA. A Rational Man questions why they are making monsters in the lab. And Evil Corporate people want to buy Branding Rights for everything at the park.

Not too surprisingly, Universal Studios does a great job of making Jurassic World look like a real amusement park. They went a little overboard on the product placements, but that’s modern film making. And after the last three disasters, wouldn’t there be a Battleship anchored nearby that could launch a couple of Crusise Missles if the need arose? Just saying.

I like Jurassic World, even if none of it makes any sense.

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