Knight and Day

Like my favorite movie, The Matrix, there is a lot of gun play here and the Hero walks through raining lead without fear of injury.  The reason for this is Tom’s totally Bourne Identity mad super spy skills and the fact that Cameron’s Dad wanted a boy.

I really enjoyed Knight and Day, for all it’s silliness and it’s superhero story line.  Tom does a wonderful job of acting like he’s crazy and this is a great nod to his real life occasional bouts of madness and couch jumping.  Tom still has his good looks and this a still a perfect role for him, unlike Leonardo DiCaprio who now looks like ten miles of bad country road.

The story in Knight and Day is a standard issue Hitchcock type of story where the MacGuffin is a super battery wanted by a number of Bad Guys who Tom has to kill in elaborate fashion while traveling most of the globe at the same time.

Tom’s real name turned out to be Knight, but oddly, Cameron’s name is not Day-so I am not sure what the point of the film’s title was. They didn’t even play Cole Porter’s song as the credits rolled.

This was a fun movie with many of the good bits in the trailer, such as Tom landing on top of  a moving car and casually saying hi to Cameron.  Tom’s insane character becomes more lucid and less fun as the film goes on.  But at the same time Cameron’s air head blond becomes smarter and more capable.  Our heroes seem more equals as the film ends and they drive off into he sunset.

Knightand Day is fun-that’s more than I have gotten from the last few films I have seen first run.

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