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Farrey’s Wholesale Hardware Co., Inc., founded in 1924, is a dynamic company moving forward with commitment, purpose, pride and a clear vision of where we are going and the resources to get there.-Farrey’s

When in The Course of Human Events it becomes necessary to buy light fixtures-Farrey’s is the place to go. Why settle for cheap lamps when you have the best lighting fixtures around? Don’t just have any old
accent lamps, get some quality replacement lamps. I have always been a fan of Arts and Craft style-so a nice set of
cooper lamps would be pretty cool. Maybe a nice floor lamp and an art glass lamp for the desk.

Of course, when it comes to traditional lighting, you can’t be the old stand by-Chandeliers. Now a days there are more style than ever before-casual chandeliers, Tiffany chandeliers, contemporary chandeliers, and even min-chandeliers. Not says class like lighting a room with a chandelier.

Bathroom light fixtures
are also important. Home lighting that helps you see to shave or put on make up can effect your whole day. Good wall lighting over the sink will also give you that great light used by all the Hollywood Photographers. Most people like the way they look in the light over the bathroom mirror best.

Of course, the lamp I use the most is good old fashioned desk lamp. Desk lamps help writers and students do what they need to do without damaging their eyes at the same time. And good lamp shades keep the light out of your eyes on your work. Table lamps and floor lamps also to brighten up a room. But when it comes to reading I like a nice swing arm lamp that lets me put the light exactly where I want it to be.

I have never spent a lot of time outdoors at night, so I am not much of an expert on outdoor lamps. But I do come home from work in the dark from time to time and outdoor lighting always makes me feel a bit safer. A good outdoor lamp for me is one near the door. I have never been a big fan of post mounted iron lamps, though I do see a lot of them around. Pole lamps do have a kind of old world charm, after all, there was one in Narnia.

Farrey’s has all your lighting needs covered.

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