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Works in Progress

My work as a portrait photographer is often hit or miss, feast or famine, as my sister used to say. These lulls in my photographic work give me time to work on my literary aspirations. On a good day I can get five thousand words of rough draft written. Even on not so good days, I still get around a thousand words written. These are not great words, of course, but they do give a rough draft of around a hundred thousand words in about three to four weeks.

It’s isn’t always easy. There are often gaps in the mist of a manuscript where I write nothing. My other books will always need a little tweaking and I go back to other manuscripts and work on them. I am a few chapters into the next Wilhem Walengrave Vampire novel, and I am also busy editing the next book in the series, The God of Shadow and Light.

The God of Shadow and Light picks up where The Blind Egyptian left off. The main characters were lesser characters in the previous book. The central characters remain the same. Wilhem, Kilestra, Sally, Fedor, Andy, and all the usual suspects return. It’s book enjoyed writing and have enjoyed editing.

Other Books

I’m also working on a couple of other novels. Two follow the adventures of an Ethical Hacker who is into BDSM. The stories revolve around both his interests, though he is a bit better at bondage than he is at hacking. His fellow travelers are other people living the Lifestyle, other Hackers, and the people he runs into who need his help in one area or the other. It’s suprising what people will pay to learn.

On the Nonfiction front I’m working on a couple books. One is about Portrait Lighting and Talking To Portrait Subjects. Another is a memoir about my many years as an Assembly Line Portrait Photographer at Big Box stores and shooting Church Directory Portraits.