Let’s All Sue Starplex

“You can’t bring in outside food or drinks.” The Manager-or someone who I assume was a Manger at Starplex-says and points to The Wife’s water bottle.

“It’s just water.” The Wife says. “You can dump it out and refill it if you want.”

“It doesn’t matter.” The woman says.  “You can’t bring the container in.”

“You could get sued for that.” The Wife says. “It’s nothing but water.”

“Jerry Jones doesn’t get sued.” The Woman says in full snit mood now.  “Nether does Cineplex or General Cinema.  If I let you bring in water, I’d have to let someone else bring in a Coke.”

This is total bullshit, of course, but the Woman has her This Is My Toy and I’m Only Letting You Play With It attitude on.   The Wife relents and takes her water out to the car and we go in and watch our movie.

Ok, Starplex is a cheapie second run theater that charges a dollar to watch a movie in a run down old theater.  Like all movie theaters, the money is in selling popcorn and sodas for ten times what they cost anywhere else on earth.  So I have no problem with them not wanting you to bring in a Big Mac, fries, and a large soda from McDonalds.

But I do have a problem with them wanting to argue with The Wife about bring in a bottle of water.  I have to think that a lot of the people who go to a Dollar Theater sneak in snacks and sodas-The Wife’s mistake was carrying the bottle of water in the open.

Ok, I don’t really care that much about Starplex’s outside food, beverage, and whatever policy.  It is one of those times when carrying a concealed weapon would have come in handy.

Once upon a time, The Wife worked at a Movie Theater, this has given her the misguided belief that she’s an expert on all things Movie Theater.  I’m not a big fan of going out to watch movies.  I’m perfectly happy to sit at home and watch a three month old movie from Red Box.

I tend to hate most movie theaters.  I dislike the people who work there.  I hate how loud many theaters keep the sound.  I hate the people who go to movies and like to put their feet on the backs of seats, talk loudly, answer their cellphones, and get up and wander around in the middle of the film.  The Wife hates all of that too, and has been known to run and get an employee to have a talk with the offenders.  I’m not much in love with drama.

But if someone does sue Starplex for the right to bring in water, I’d like to hear about.

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