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The Goddess and The Vampire

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Short Bio:

Jon makes his home in Grand Prairie, Texas. He’s been a blogger and portrait photographer for several years. The Goddess and The Vampire is his first novel.

Medium Length Bio:

Jon’s a Texas native born in Fort Worth.  He discovered his love of writing while in high school, but his work as a portrait photographer caused him to set aside his writing ambitions.  He never really stopped writing, but he focused his efforts more on blogging and less on fiction.  He loves writing funny and modern urban fantasy vampire books.  His novel, The Goddess and The Vampire, is the first in a proposed series of books.

Long Bio:

During his childhood in Texas, Jon frequently wrote short stories and poems.  These stories were mostly science fiction and horror. He’s been a fan of all things supernatural ever since.

Jon and his wife lived in the Fort Worth before settling about fifteen miles away in Grand Prairie, Texas.  It was during his years of traveling as a portrait photographer that his passion for reading turned into a passion for writing.  He wrote two unpublished vampire novels and started several blogs, but his writing career was put on hold for many years. He eventually returned to writing for the love of it.  He’s happy to be writing fun, wry, and exciting urban fantasy vampire novels for the supernatural market.

These days Jon can be found traveling around the country, taking portraits, blogging, working on his novels, tweeting and pinning, drinking protein shakes, or catching up on the latest science fiction TV shows.

Synopsis for The Goddess and The Vampire

2-line Summary: (139 characters/24 words)

A vampire must keep a goddess from destroying the world. Only Bounty Hunters, Magic Spells, and forces beyond his control stand in his way.

Short Synopsis: (46 words)

Wilhem Walengrave has the title of Master of Fort Worth, but he doesn’t take it very seriously. Until it gets him wrapped up in a love spell, followed by a couple of Hunters, and is needed to help stop an Elven Goddess from destroying the world.

Medium Synopsis: (97 words)

Wilhem Walengrave has always let others run the city of Fort Worth while he spends his time collecting bounties on Rogue Vampires and Weres. Then one day he meets Desiara, the Goddess of the World’s End. The goddess is trapped in the body of his new slave, Katie, but he’s afraid that she won’t stay trapped forever. With the help of his Human Servant Sally and his old vampire flame Kilestra, he finds a way to battle the goddess. At the same time he has to deal with new people in his life and in his bed.

Long Synopsis: (120 words) – Same as Back Cover

The world is coming to an end.  It could be worse.

After seeing the world destroyed by an Elven Goddess, vampire Wilhem Walengrave decides he should do something about it.  Just not right away.

Wilhem does a little bounty hunting, ends up with a slave named Katie, and finds himself magically bound to his boss’s secretary Jackie. He also attracts the attention of a pair of supernatural Hunters, a Werebear named Raoul and a death goddess name Izumi. He also spends a bit of time with a vampire stoner named Billy and his old flame Kilestra.

In this urban fantasy, vampire Wilhem Walengrave battles to keep his priorities straight.  The world is coming to an end.  It could be worse.

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