Micheal Vick 23 Killer Months in Prison Hits Cover Story

Micheal Vick had everything: fame, fortune, good looks, but not a drop of common sense. That’s the way it seems to go. Micheal Vick couldn’t give up being a tough guy from the hood, couldn’t ruin his bad ass rep by giving up dog fighting. It seems kind of an obvious thing to do, but then, he didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with killing dogs.
So now Micheal Vick gets to spend twenty three months in prison to think about it.
We all make mistakes, and if Tank Johnson and Ricky Williams can still play in the NFL, then so can Michael Vick. There are a lot of teams that need help, and maybe Micheal Vick will still be able to play ball in two years. John Clayton on ESPN talks at length about the legal issues and Micheal Vick’s return to the NFL.
Assuming he doesn’t get shanked in the yard, injured beyond repair in a riot, or otherwise loose his ability to play pro football. Prisons are not nice places, even if you do have a lot of time to workout.
Full Court Press asks if Micheal Vick deserved to get 23 months in prison. One of his commenters said it should be 23 months in Dog Years, then it would be fair. I liked that one.
The other Micheal Vick story of recent interest was his house of horrors going on the auction block. Jon Saraceno has a pretty good piece in USA Today on the horrible conditions the dogs were forced to live in. Maybe this would be a good time for that whole eye for an eye thing, and just put Micheal Vick up in one of those pens where he kept his dogs. Then if he starts playing in the NFL again, they’ll know to do with him the first time he loses a game.

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